Who am I? Who knows?

I think I’m pretty much like most white, middle-aged American women, except that I live in the rural Midwest, so I don’t have to be terribly (ahem, at all) concerned about fashion, since trends won’t catch us for a few years anyway, and by then it will not be fashionable. See? Easy.

If I can accomplish anything with what I write, I hope it is to encourage you that you are not weird, you are not crazy, and there is nothing wrong with you – if, in midlife, you’re having all of these feelings that are kind of restless and vague and uncomfortable.

It’s a brand new stage of life – one that we’ve never lived through, or even anything like this. The kids are grown, the guys aren’t as interested, and our careers aren’t quite the pinnacle we had thought we were, in that we start looking around and saying, “What else?”

This website exists to answer that question – what else – and to share resources with others at a similar stopping place. The best is yet to come, lovelies, I really believe that.


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